At Yew Yi Engineering Singapore, we are one of the well known suppliers for Aluminium metal ceilings in the Singapore market. We carry a huge range of aluminium metal ceiling products which varies in colors, sizes and even patterns.

The advantages of having an aluminium metal ceiling are many. It is recognised for its advantages such as fire resistance, damp resistance, sound absorption, high durability and also being environmentally friendly. It is aesthetically pleasing and will give off a modern polished look to your space.

With aluminium metal ceiling, it minimises the loss of heat in thermally activated buildings while also acting as a good sound absorption for your unit.

At Yew Yi Engineering Singapore – Your Metal Roofing Experts in Singapore, we are customer-centric and will respond quickly to customer questions as we aim to foster a long term value relationship with our customers. We provide excellent service and top quality products.

Our metal roofing experts can discuss with you on what would be the best fit for your requirements. Please contact us on +65 6264 1761 / email us at You can also send us a quote request here.