Yew Yi Engineering is one of the leading Metal Roofing Singapore Specialists. We carry a wide range of metal roofing products from Steel, Aluminium, Titanium Zinc with many different colours and designs available to suit your needs. The Metal Roofing Materials that we provide are made of top quality and are resilient to weather damages. Our metal roofing prices are extremely competitive and affordable.

Metal Roofing is the top choice for both commercial buildings and homes in Singapore due to its tough durability and ability to last for a really long time. Its low maintenance and low life cycle cost makes metal roofing the ideal roofing choice for Singapore buildings. A typical metal roof will last about 3-7 times longer than a typical asphalt shingles roof, which usually needs to replaced every 15 years. Metal roofing offers the best weather protection. Copper, Aluminium Metal Roofing are corrosion and fire resistant and gives a rich look to the building they sit on.

Metal roofs will not rot, split, crack, dry-out, chip, warp, leak, unlike all other common roofing materials. It is also not affected by termite or rodent infestation. Metal roofing is the only TRULY green material in the roofing industry as it can always be recycled.

In addition, we also provide gutter cleaning services. It is important to clean out your gutter regularly as a heavy clogged gutter can host mosquitoes and other pests like rodents etc. These pests can affect the exterior structure of your building over time.

Our metal roofing experts can discuss with you on what would be the best fit for your requirements. For Metal Roofing Singapore: please contact us on +65 6264 1761 / email us at You can also send us a quote request here.